Andrew K Lloyd

Doing What You Love

For some, being ordinary is normal. For Andrew Lloyd, being ordinary is not enough.

Enter, Andrew Lloyd

You might not think it’s possible to do something you love while making a living. But Andrew has done just that. Through his YouTube channel he has made vlogging content available to his subscribers and tells a compelling story of his transformation from engineer into Internet star.

Andrew offers some tips and advice on how he gained the courage to make a move into the unknown world of creative digression without affecting his career.

What is vlogging?

But, what is vlogging, anyway? Vlogging is a term used for a form of video blogging that became popular during the early 2000′s. This form of web television caught on in a big way when videos were distributed of interesting individuals provided glimpses into their daily lives. Sort of a public video journal.

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Whatever You Do Don’t Talk About This

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The good news is, all of us should have goals. The bad news is, none of us should talk about it.


Keep your goals to yourself


Why? Because our brains think that we’re accomplishing tasks and as a result, releases the happy juices that make us feel good when we’re really not doing anything at all. Talking about goals makes me think of Derek. Derek Sivers is a entrepreneur and creative developer that presented at TED about keeping your goals to yourself.

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Are You A Self-Help Addict?

Are you a victim of self-help addiction? Millions of Americans spend their days reading self-help books but report never making any change.

Learn the basic philosophy of The Daily Inspiration and learn how to make personal development a priority. Please share our podcast with others and send us an e-mail to appear on a future podcast episode.

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Scaling the Mountain: My Struggle with Everyday Anxiety

Mount Everest

It used to be a daily occurrence for me. Pounding heart, sweaty palms, churning stomach. The inescapable feeling that something bad was about to happen and that there was nothing I could do to stop it. Sounds fitting for a stunt-woman character in an action flick. Not so much for a skinny high schooler with a perm.
I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from severe anxiety. More specifically, panic attacks. I had always been a nervous child, experiencing frequent stomach upset for most of my life though it came to a climax once I reached senior year. Suddenly, upon waking up for school, I would experience a crippling body weakness and nausea. My heart would be pounding so hard I would have to crawl around my room on hands and knees to get ready, because standing up was too painful. The feeling of dread and panic would last for about five hours, leaving me shaky and drained for the rest of the day. I couldn’t eat much because of the nausea and I lost weight quickly. My life was reduced to simply “surviving” the day.

Habits Are The Building Blocks Of A Lifestyle

The actual meaning of our blog name may shock you. While it may seem intuitive, The Daily Inspiration is really a philosophy of life rather than just a fancy title describing our content.

There are countless blogs out there with great motivational content including daily quotes, photos, videos, blogs and how-to guides. Thoughtful quotes and small doses of inspiration or motivation placed throughout your day serve as reminders to stay the course.

Allow me to awe you with the following quote:

Failure is the fertilizer for success. – Denis Waitley

Wow, now that’s cool. This kind of quote is what I consider to be paradigm shifting. Conventionally we think of failure as a negative event rather than a means to an end. Even better, this statement will eventually become engrained in our mind habitually and create a more positive lifestyle.

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