Doing What You Love

For some, being ordinary is normal. For Andrew Lloyd, being ordinary is not enough.

Enter, Andrew Lloyd

You might not think it’s possible to do something you love while making a living. But Andrew has done just that. Through his YouTube channel he has made vlogging content available to his subscribers and tells a compelling story of his transformation from engineer into Internet star.

Andrew offers some tips and advice on how he gained the courage to make a move into the unknown world of creative digression without affecting his career.

What is vlogging?

But, what is vlogging, anyway? Vlogging is a term used for a form of video blogging that became popular during the early 2000’s. This form of web television caught on in a big way when videos were distributed of interesting individuals provided glimpses into their daily lives. Sort of a public video journal.

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Are You A Self-Help Addict?

Are you a victim of self-help addiction? Millions of Americans spend their days reading self-help books but report never making any change.

Learn the basic philosophy of The Daily Inspiration and learn how to make personal development a priority. Please share our podcast with others and send us an e-mail to appear on a future podcast episode.

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Are We There Yet: Notes On Time

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

One of each, please
Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr

The child in all of is always asking this question in one form or another every single day.

Why are we worried about how long it takes for our laundry to finish?

What is it about waiting a few extra minutes at the doctors office that drives us plain crazy?

The Secret Pulse of Time by Stefan Klein addresses the most precious and limited resource in our lives. Time.

In this podcast episode, I talk briefly about a few experiences that we experience in our daily lives. For example, why is the road trip longer on the way to the in-law’s house than the way back?

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Creating A One Man Musical

Chris SgammatoChris Sgammato, sole creator and producer of Inertia The Musical, interviews with us on The Daily Inspiration to explain how he conceived the musical from beginning to end. After gaining recognition from local radio stations, newspapers and gaining the respect of the entire university, it proves that it takes a lot of guts to pull off a feat such as this and Sgammato has a great story to tell.


Society as I see it is stuck in a state of social inertia; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because of our insatiable appetite for distraction.

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We Are The Narrators Of Our Life Story

Today on The Daily Inspiration Podcast we have an exciting interview with Laura Shannon, author of Be Happy Now: Simple Steps to Enjoying Life, a book about embracing every moment of our life and being happy.

She’s here to share her story, how she found inspiration for writing her book and the successful community she’s built with her blog.

Shortly after finding out she needed a life threatening neurological operation her eleven year old daughter passed away suddenly in a tragic car accident. Ever since this point in time Laura has spent her life looking at things from a fresh viewpoint and invested herself in writing a book as well as sharing her spirit of positivity with others.

Most of us would probably agree that a happy life is a good life, regardless of the other factors. So if being happy is one of the most important keys to enjoying life, then why is it that we aren’t taught how to be happy? Perhaps we never knew that happiness can be taught. Perhaps we don’t know that it is possible to control our emotions or our state of mind. If people took as much time working on happiness, as we do other goals in life we would all be happy today.

When you are in a state of gratitude you are focusing on the positive, instead of dwelling on what you wish were different.  There are so many things in life that we take for granted.  When you take time to focus on these, you are generating feelings of happiness.  Be grateful for the life that you have right now.  Don’t get caught up in waiting for a “better” life tomorrow.

Laura shares tips for grounding yourself and some teasers as to the exercises within her new book.

Please take a chance to visit Laura’s website at and on the Facebook link provided through her page and find The Daily Inspiration Podcast on iTunes.