Creating A One Man Musical

Chris Sgammato, sole creator and producer of Inertia The Musical, interviews with us on The Daily Inspiration to explain how he conceived the musical from beginning to end. After gaining recognition from local radio stations, newspapers and gaining the respect of the entire university, it proves that it takes a lot of guts to pull off a feat such as this and Sgammato has a great story to tell.


Society as I see it is stuck in a state of social inertia; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because of our insatiable appetite for distraction.

According to Mr. Sgammato, “Inertia was well attended, packing out the main stage theatre at USF 3 nights and selling out the final performance. We performed during the final run of another main stage production, as well as during a large music festival, so the Fall performance is expected to be even more successful. ”


The musical was filmed in it’s entirety and streamed to Inertia also has a website. Learn more about Chris Sgammato at


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Image by jorgeandresem via Flickr


“Inertia will be published under a Creative Commons License; this means that any university or other non-profit organization can put on the show for free. Imagine what would happen if small groups of FreeThinkers were spawned all over the nation; pockets of protest that might unite and make real change: a mosaic of revolution. A small piece seems insignificant by itself, but when one steps back and is able to take in the entire image, one may begin to see a vision of change, a glimmer of hope for our future.”