One Hand Washes The Other

During my normal travels I came across a woman who said something that I thought to be very profound. After opening the door for her I came back by shortly only to be surprisingly greeted by her at the door. I laughed as I thanked this woman for returning the favor.

She replied, “One hand washes the other.”

This got me thinking about how important interdependency is within our society. Are we truly appreciating those around us? Especially for the small things? The things we can achieve as a team is much more than we can on our own.

What ways can we increase our influence with the help of others? One of my daily mantras is to ask more questions.┬áIt’s easy to assume that our answer is the best answer without first considering those of others. Every day I strive to act more as a student than as a teacher. This helps me to indulge my persistent desire for learning and brings a great amount to enjoyment into my life.

Although this is a short note, don’t forget to wash your hands. Metaphorically that is.