Too Busy

We often tell ourselves that we do not have enough time to achieve our goals or aspirations in life. The hard truth is we have the same amount of time as our mentors and heroes do. What makes them different? How do they manage to achieve what they desire out of life that we are missing out on? It could be that we make ourselves too busy for ourselves.

The welcome back episode came from inspiration sent to me from a listener named Sarah that sent me a note saying, “What happened?” Was motivational to see someone reach out to ask for more content. Big thanks to Sarah for reopening this creative outlet.

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Wow it has been a very long time since I've been in front of the microphone here and I just wanted to send out special props to Sarah who sent me an email a few weeks ago and said hey, what's going on with the daily inspiration have you given up is everything okay what's going on and I believe you deserve a little on air credit for that thank you so much. 
You're going to notice this is a little bit of a different sound going with The Daily Inspiration podcast as I'm trying to spice things up a little bit for 2013 going into 2014 with a new content and I'm also going to be launching another podcast to go along side of this one different topic though.
While I was jogging the other day I had this Revelation and I wrote some words down in my notebook that I want to share with you. I wrote there's a psychological state we achieve in school when class is cancelled are we suddenly have a day off we complain about not having enough time but let me find the strength to rise early and focus we find Clarity I think back to the days where I used to sit in elementary school just watching waiting for the clock to change second-by-second and those days where it would be a snow day or rain day or something like that and whenever I would have that time off of school I found myself being the most productive I would get all my homework done I had this is just kicked into high gear and when I'm trying to analyze and and figure out is what is that 5th gear and how do we get locked into that mode whenever we have this sudden day off is almost translates also into the adult world and always said you take a day off of work or you have you know this this newfound time and all the sudden the gates are opened the water's flowing everything happens and you've got all these opportunities to be able to think and act on your goals or maybe even just take some time out for yourself why are we not funding that time for ourselves during a regular day I was talking to some friends about this recently we're saying why is that phenomena that everyone always says they're too busy to achieve their goals or not do what they want and it's honestly one of the largest factors in in preventing Us From Success.
Very achievement oriented people which I already know that if you're listening to this podcast you are definitely achievement-oriented that achievement oriented people are already predisposition to want short-term results because we are very focused on achievement sand what kinds of things we can get now it's good because it allows us to be a little bit more risky however it gives us that short-sighted that's where we're not looking ahead to the future or thinking about what kinds of things we need to do today to get the results that we want down the road there's a paper hanging next to my desk that says 13 Reasons you're not as successful as you should be by Jim kukral and the number 9 1 here says waste time which is one of the reasons why you're not successful and it says you're a classic time-waster a caveat this is fairly negative you spend hours and hours every day working on not working you do things that aren't productive how are you ever going to get anything done or reach any goal if you keep wasting time you're not so you might as well give up now if you're going to keep the path but it's true I mean sometimes you have some of that hard love advice that kicks you in a high gear but in reality when you're not looking out and seeing what kinds of success points that you're expecting on a daily basis you're going to fall behind the mark and what you want out of your life and not to say that everyone has to be gung-ho and every single minute has to be squeezed in and analyze if it's efficient and productive or whatever that's what burns people out and I do a lot of self-help reading tons of nonfiction stuff and the more I read the more I realize it's all about the balance when you dive into the deep end it is almost impossible to maintain and because of our obsessive compulsive nature in our culture today it is really easy to see all of these remedies and things we can do to turn our lives around and more or less create this wonderful beautiful thing that everyone wants to but the problem with that is is that we don't realize that it takes determination overtime to create this Malcolm Book says that 10000 hours and some opportunity was what cause people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Tiger Woods to create this wonderful in Beethoven 2 create this wonderful and amazing skill set that they were able to share with the world and actually make a difference so if you're able to dedicate that kind of time over a long. You´re going to see that there's a huge result and output in that and if I can give you one piece of encouragement for the states that when you start with the small successes overtime it's going to really surprise you in in the results you get in the easiest way to see this is many people who go to the gym or start working out will usually start their routine if I'm doing it correctly will start the routine and and work towards of progress a result you may not see something right away but soon the pound start dropping off the muscle start building and your energy level just gets so much better and that's the kind of foundation that you need to build intellectually also for the learning goals for the career goals family relationship anything like that it all builds off of that smaller foundation and those small successes so I want you to stop what you're doing right now and listen this is your principal speaking you have just been given the day off of school of work of any responsibility you have it's 8 o'clock in the morning and you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want when you thought you would be tied to another task what are you going to do how are you going to spend that time and how are you going to make a difference.

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